We are all looking for happiness, health, wealth, love, it’s normal and it’s quite human. We’re all looking for pleasure and fulfillment.

To be fully happy and satisfied you must do things you love to do. But it’s easy to say than to do. For some people, this may seem even impossible to think about.

I called that, fixed mindset. If you stay in this mindset, you will find yourself from doing what you don’t love. You will feel obliged to start spending your great time doing other things, that you don’t like, to just make a living.

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You may be successful right now but not fully satisfied and your soul may be looking for something more in line with what you like to pursue.

Ask yourself this question: Would you be able to go through with what you’re doing right now and what would stop you from doing it?

If you want to experience true satisfaction and fulfillment, you have to be very sincere with yourself right at the beginning of your process. Otherwise, you will not feel passionate about what you do.

Everything in your life right now has a reason for existence. Be happy with what you have in your life right now. Because true happiness has nothing to do with what you have or what you possess. Find out and discover who you are and then you will know what happiness is.

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You may know as well as I do, without a purpose in life you cannot inject passion and enthusiasm in your day to day activities. You will derive from your path and achieve little.

Having purpose makes everything easier to achieve what you want. When you have a clear vision and purpose in life, you will radiate powerful positive energy. If you want to succeed, it is very important to surround yourself with good people, good resources, and opportunities that will help you achieve what you really want.

Also, it is very important to feel secure when you face challenges, that’s why you need a strong will and motivator to help you go forward and stand against challenges.

When you do something you love, you will reflect your highest talents. You will find yourself most of the time gaining energy from your work. And you will feel like you want to learn and improve yourself every day.

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True happiness lies within you. When you have a purpose in life you will be able to give your best and serve others. Your actions will align with your life’s goal and you will find yourself in a position of giving to others.

You will feel more focused and you will filter information what is important to you and you will improve the quality of your life. You will work less and you will produce more result, the Pareto law’s in action.

One more thing, be clear of what you want and discover your purpose. By doing this, you will create a meaning to your life. You will work and attract all people, resources and opportunities to help you achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.

Now you know! Discover the purpose behind everything you do. Live a life full of passion and satisfaction.