In order to find happiness, peace of mind and joy we need to understand who we are, we need to go back to the source of the thought. But most of us seem to just focus on the negatives: stress, worry, jobs, money problems, and relationship issues.

By focusing on these areas you drain your ability to increase happiness, peace of mind and improve your quality of life.

When you understand how the world in which you live works, then you regain control of your life. You understand that you are the creator of your own world and you offer to your world what you truly are, that is, happiness, peace of mind and joy.

So how to find happiness, peace of mind and joy?

To illustrate my point, I will make an analogy with the notion of electricity.

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Electricity is a natural phenomenon. Electrical phenomena and other interactions of electricity with matter have existed since the beginning of the formation of the earth and even of the universe.

The universe did not wait for the understanding and the discovery of its laws by men to manifest itself. In fact, the discovery and especially the understanding of these laws by men are relatively recent.

This is exactly what happens with the law of attraction. It is not because we do not understand its mechanism that we must ignore it. The law of attraction is a natural phenomenon like all the other laws of the universe.

Before men could control and use electricity at their convenience, its mechanism had to be understood, that is, the movement of charged particles inside a conductor.

You are asking yourself but what he is talking about and what is the relationship with happiness, peace of mind and joy?

A little patience, continue reading and you will have the answer.

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To understand the mechanism of a universal law, we must speak its language. For electromagnetic laws, we must speak the language of the electron and its motion.

And for the law of attraction, its language is the vibrational energy.

You attract to you, all your experiences of life by the law of attraction. That is, the vibrations that are identical are gathered together.

You cannot find what you have not lost. Happiness, peace of mind and joy are your true nature but you decided that you have to search them outside of yourself.

To understand the relationship between the law of attraction and your happiness, peace of mind and joy let us connect the dots.

To use electricity, you do not need to know all the mathematical formulas to explain the movement and interaction of electrons.

This is exactly what happens with the law of attraction. You do not need to understand how it works and you can use it to bring happiness, peace of mind and joy in your life.

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A thought is a wave that has its own frequency and amplitude, which carries a certain energy.

When you offer a thought to the universe, it contains a vibrational energy. In return, you have access to other similar thoughts.

You may complain that things are not as you want them to be. But the law of attraction states that you are fully responsible for your situation. There is no need to search far, the answer lies within you. All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.

Here’s a little exercise you can do right now. Try to observe your thoughts and spot your emotions that arise. This is an important step as your thoughts are connected to your emotions. So, do not repress your emotions, they give you important indications of your current state of mind, your mindset.

Stress is the greatest curse of modern societies. It has become the biggest health problem these days. When daily tasks assail us on all sides like financial pressures, family pressures, work pressures, we are constantly active and automatic thoughts come in all directions.

You can stop it all. You can stop automatic thoughts and put things in context. By observing your thoughts you become more mindful as the mind turns inward. This will allow you to easily let go.

Here are some Tips Tо Rеduсе, Prevent And Effectively Cope With Stress.

Start now to observe your thoughts and emotions. You are your own creator of your reality.

But we usually create by default because no one has explained to us at school how it all works.

I am a high school chemistry teacher and when I see these young people coming to my classes with negative thoughts and emotions about their lives, I think that something must be done.

I encourage you, right now, to take control of your own life and create the reality you want. You can write another story of your life.

I have written many articles on the law of attraction and mindfulness meditation.

I think that can help.

All you have manifested in your life until now is through the law of attraction. And if you do not like what you see is that you have created by default.

Now you know; When you observe your thoughts and emotions, you have there, indications whether you are going in the direction of your Well-Being or not.

Amazing changes will occur when you begin to observe your thoughts and emotions.

You become a Deliberate Creator.


Thanks for reading!