The mind is the cause of everything because we create our world from within therefore we need to know how to control it. But how can you control the mind? Is it possible to control it?

To better understand the functioning of the mind, it is interesting to explain it by using the notion wheel of life.

Alan Watts explains wonderfully this notion of rotation or cycle of life. When the mind is projected outward, it does not occupy a steady place on this cycle. Because whatever the position on the wheel end you always go through a high and a low therefore you are off-balance.

The only point on the wheel where you are in a steady position is in the center.

The interpretation we can make here is, when the mind projects outward, we place ourselves at the end of the wheel and when the mind projects inward we are at the center of the wheel.

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Now, by taking again the image of the wheel, no matter where we are on the wheel, we continue to move forward anyway. But at the end of the wheel, the situations are very chaotic. When we are at the top, we think that all is well and when we are at the bottom, we think that everything goes wrong. We always live in the past and/or in the future.

On the other hand, in the center of the wheel, everything is different.

Ramana Maharshi explains this concept very well: “The realized person weeps with those who cry, laughs with those who laugh, plays with the playful, sings with those who sing. What does he lose? His presence is like a pure and transparent mirror that reflects our image exactly as we are. He is not affected by the top and the bottom of life.


Life is made of high and low. This means that there will be moments in your life when things will not happen as you wish. You must not be angry because you haven’t got what you want. However, try to do your best in everything you do. Also, don’t get too attached to the outcomes that can only cause disappointments and upheavals.

Let us once again consider the image of the wheel of life. We can see that life is actually a multitude of changes. If we understand how it works, we welcome changes as opportunities. There is nothing wrong with routines, it is our attitude that must be corrected. If we want to change because we want to improve our lives, then it’s good. If we want to stay in routine because we like it, then it’s good too.

When you understand how the mind works, that is, when you turn it inward, the flow of your thoughts is directed inward then you understand that you are creating your own world.

How to train your mind to look inward? This can be done by practicing breathing exercise regularly to quiet your distracted mind.

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At the end of the wheel is a world of duality where the opposites cohabit to form a single entity. Love and hate, pleasure and pain, warm and cold, light and dark, gain and loss are some of its components. The wheel rotates and this is how the cycle of life unfolds.

But when you place yourself in the center of the wheel, it turns in the same way, the difference is that you contemplate what you really are and not what you possess.

We can have a very agitated life or a calm life, the importance is what is our attitude towards adversity, pain, agony and fear. From disaster or unhappiness, we can succeed in transforming them into resources, but first, we must know the nature of the mind which is restless.

Ramana Maharshi suggests this: “Begin by liberating the mind from its restlessness; give it peace; make it free from distractions; train it to look inward; make this a habit.”

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