Emotions create our reality and shape our lives, how we behave in society and how we understand the relationship with ourselves and with others.

When you explore the power of emotions that resonate deeply in your heart, your feelings are no longer the same and your world changes accordingly.

Your emotions, whether negative or positive, are excellent indicators for those who know how to lend them a welcoming and attentive ear.

Your emotions are a perfect reflection of how you perceive your current situation.

It is a formidable landmark that helps you to know, at every moment, whether the formulation of your desires is in line with the emotions and feelings you feel.

In other words, when you want to manifest the things you want in your life, you have to feel good. On the other hand, if you feel lack and frustration, despite your wonderful desires, you will attract lack and frustration.

The emotions we feel are, in a way, messengers of our inner Being. If you want to understand your current situation, you must welcome, understand and listen to your emotions.

Taking the book of Abraham-Hicks as a reference, I will detail 5 surprising ways on how to use the power of emotions.

The astonishing power of emotions

A month ago I started what is called the best book ever written on the power of emotions called: The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide by Abraham-Hicks.

It’s a fantastic book which I highly recommend.

Even if you are new to the work of Abraham-Hicks, this book really explains the meaning of emotions and what you need to do and not do to manage them.

The book provides solid answers about what we are, our thoughts, our feelings, our human experiences.

We tend to mistreat our emotions. They are not to be banished or hated. They are powerful and valuable indicators.

“Emotions play a large role in the life experience of you and everyone you know, but few have any conscious awareness of the astonishing power and value of their emotions.”


In general, people let their emotions dominate their actions and their mental attitudes and let themselves be transported by a set of psychological and physiological reactions.

And often emotions are seen as a sign of weakness, so people are used to pushing them back or putting them aside and focusing more on rational aspects.

#1 Row with the Flow

Negative emotions come and go, but they will become strong if you feed them.

When you feed the unpleasant emotions, you row against the flow, that is, you go in the opposite direction of your desires, you have deviated from your Well-Being.power of emotions

On the other hand, even if you live in turmoil, you have to move towards positive thoughts and emotions.

At that moment, you row with the flow, that is, you go in the direction of your desires, you are in harmony with your Inner Being.

Everything is vibrating in the universe, therefore, everything is in permanent motion. Your thoughts produce a vibration and when you project your thoughts, you attract to you, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with this vibrational energy.

The question now is, how do we elevate our vibrations to attract the things we love?

Well, by deciding to feel good. You make the choice, now, to take the life on the bright side, to adopt a positive vision of life.

If you cannot visualize positive things in your life right now, try mindfulness meditation. It is a technique allowing you to observe your thoughts, without judging them.

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Try it out, this will transform your life. Start by doing the things you like. Sometimes, simply doing a little positive action can make you happy for a whole day.

“One should remain as a witness to whatever happens, adopting the attitude, ‘Let whatever strange things that happens happen, let us see!’ This should be one’s practice. Nothing happens by accident in the divine scheme of things.”

-Ramana Maharshi

No matter how important, it’s just a small positive action at a time. It is a commitment that you make to yourself, whatever your current situation, you do one small positive action per day.

#2 Every moment is a manifestation

Every day and every moment try to find opportunities to put the power of emotions to work.
Take the time to savor life and look for the right side of things in every situation.

Happiness is our true nature, and it is quite natural that we seek it. And we suffer because we think happiness is found in our acquisitions.

Suffering comes from our ignorance of our true nature.

We identified with our thoughts and our emotions. We believe that our identity is our personality, our feelings, our body, our emotions and all that is associated with the material world and we are ignorant of our true nature.

We lack spiritual enlightenment to distinguish the representations of the world we have made, that is, the symbols, and our Inner Being.

“The master is inside; Meditation is intended to suppress the ignorant idea that the master is only outside. If the master is a stranger you expect, he must also disappear. What is the usefulness of a being so transitory like that? But as long as you think that you are separated or that you are a body, an external master also becomes necessary and it will also appear to have a body. When the bad identification of oneself with the body ceases, the master will be nothing but the Self.”

-Ramana Maharshi

Throughout history, the Sages have taught us that suffering is only an illusion and when we understand the lessons that they teach, suffering disappears.

These Sages teach us that it is not through external acquisitions that we become wise and genial but rather by understanding our true nature. It is when we turn the mind inwardly that we can attain enlightenment.

#3 Observe your thoughts to better direct them

“Do not try to repress your thoughts from your mind because it will have exactly the same effect as if you were trying to smooth the rough water with a flatiron – you’re just going to disturb it even more.” This quote is from Alan Watts.

In general, people prefer to repel or flee their negative thoughts. They do not realize that the more they resist their negative thoughts or conflicts, the more they tend to come back with more strength and therefore energy.

Observe your thoughts means looking inside. You are always an actor in your life, but instead of projecting your mind to the outside, you turn it inward.

If you want to have control over your thoughts, do not identify yourself to them. When you observe your thoughts, you only have to accept them, and let them pass without making any judgment.

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Even though these are thoughts of frustration or anger, see them for what they are, these are just thoughts and nothing else and do not let yourself be affected by them.

With practice, you will come to detach yourself from your thoughts and you will develop calm, joy and happiness. You are in harmony with your Inner Being.

#4 Pay attention to your feelings

You have the choice to accept your life as you see it right now or imagine it as you want it to be.

In both cases, your emotions and your thoughts produce vibrations within you which are equal to your desires.

The situations, events, and opportunities will align to exactly match the vibrations you have offered. This is law.

“The source of all abundance is not outside you. It is part of who you are.”

-Eckhart Tolle

When you pay attention to your feelings, you have a great tool at your disposal to gauge whether you are on the same wavelength as your Inner Being or if you row against the flow.

When you get caught up in your negative thoughts and emotions, you know you’re not in alignment with your Inner Being.

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You know this is not what you want, so just direct your attention to a positive thought or emotion.

Despite good will, sometimes it is not at all easy to juggle with opposing thoughts.

Be patient with yourself, try to find a situation or an occupation that directs your attention to what you desire.

At the beginning, it can be arduous, but with a little practice, when you get into the habit of observing your emotions, you will be able to overcome any negative feeling.

#5 Use the power of emotions toward your intended goals

Now that you know the power of your emotions, how to apply it in your daily life?

When you feel good, when you give positive thoughts, when you have positive emotions, when you are not jealous of your neighbors because they have things you do not have, when you are not worried about your money or health problems, and in a nutshell, when you offer vibrations that match your desires, there is nothing and nobody in the whole Universe that can intervene to prevent you from receiving the things requested.

When you have goals, all you have to do is let positive thoughts and emotions invade you, there’s nothing that can go wrong.

There is no competition. Everything you asked for is already there waiting for you.

All you have to do is a 180-degree turn and your desires become experiences. Turning 180 degrees means, focus on everything that is positive in your life. Even if it’s a small positive part, focus on it.

Your emotions are wonderful messengers.

They are there to help you know if you are allowing the things you want, that is, you are rowing with the flow.

Or, you are allowing things you do not want, that is, you row against the flow.

When you have negative thoughts and emotions, you know you have to do a 180-degree turn.

Remember, your true nature is Happiness, Bliss. Nobody can take that away from you.

Thanks for reading!