Creative Visualization is key if you are to attract and receive what you want in life. When it comes to the law of attraction, creative visualization is the foundation. So what is creative visualization in the first place?

Visualization is the act or process of imagining, this is a natural process. To visualize is basically imagining something by producing images.

But Creative Visualization is a mental process where you create images related to what you want.

How Creative Visualization works?

Let’s try a little exercise. You want to have a new house, you want to have a beautiful house in a good neighborhood.

What creative visualization can do for you?

Sit comfortably on a chair in a quiet place. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath by breathing in and out normally.

This exercise is to calm your mind by bringing it back to a fixed point.

The Beginner’s Guide To Proper Breathing Techniques

First, you want to create images according to your house.

Try to visualize your house by giving the location, the surface, the architecture, the color, etc, every detail is important.

The more details you add, the more you will improve your visualization. But this is not all, you must also get involved in emotion. What do you feel when you are in your new house.

Try to involve your senses in the process. Use your senses, hearing, smell, touch, sight, taste and play with your feelings and emotions. The more you get involved, the better your visualization.

The process of Creative Visualization includes three steps;

  • Ask; the first thing for you to do is ask. The law of attraction says you have to ask for you to be given. When you ask, then it will be possible for you to achieve what you have in mind.
  • Believe; if you ask and have doubt then you won’t receive what you asked. Most people struggle with the aspect of believing what they want. However, it is great for you to believe in what you have asked for.
  • Receive; asking and believing is the first part. You, therefore, need to go out and work towards what you want. It is believed that if you work towards your goals, the universe shall reward you.

Tips for Creative Visualization

At the end of the exercise, it is very important to let go.

Your job is to visualize what you desire but how to acquire your object of desire does not depend on your strategies. Be patient!

If you do this exercise regularly (every day) and with perseverance in knowing exactly the processes, you can change your life as you wish. There is no miracle, it is nature, it is the law of attraction.

1. Have the right state of mind

For you to be successful in this process, you need to have a positive state of mind. Take your time to clear your mind before you begin the process of creative visualization.

Meditation is a great way for clearing the mind.


Listening to music, exercise and walking in nature are also great ways of clearing the mind.

2. Get in touch with your senses

To visualize you need to get in touch with all your senses; touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

When you are in the process of visualizing you need to get in touch with all the different details.

Be patient when you are visualizing because it will take time to master the art.

3. Monitor your emotions

How do you feel when you visualize about your goals? When you are happy, excited, successful, wealthy, these feelings will raise your power to achieve.

Keep in mind that as you begin you may not experience any emotion. You need to, therefore, take time to master it.

4. Find a mentor

Work with people who will motivate you to visualize.

They will teach you different skills and techniques to achieve your goals.

Visualization is an important skill. You need to, therefore, practice and practice even more to master the art.

Listen to this audio of creative visualization meditation:

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