If your relationship to money is heavily charged emotionally, it’s very likely that you have limiting beliefs that impact your relationship with money. You will not release your resistance to money just by using images to visualize the things you want.

If your relationship to money is chaotic, it will not be enough to write or repeat affirmations.

When you talk about money and you have painful emotions – what do you do?

No one is poor because it’s his nature or because it’s hereditary. What is the place of money in your life? Do you have conflicting thoughts about it?

Саn Yоu Сrеаtе thе Lіfе Yоu Саn Dеsіrе? Тhе Lаw оf Аttrасtіоn Ѕауs Yеs

Are you afraid of lack? Do you think there will not be enough for everyone?

Now, how do you get rid of these beliefs and emotions which impede your progress toward your dream life?

The best way to get around these conflicting relationships with money is to use your emotions to your advantage.


Napoleon Hill said: “Thoughts are things”

Everything started with a thought. Look around you, buildings, roads, bridges, houses, factories, etc., all this at a certain moment existed only in someone’s thoughts. And that is exactly what the law of attraction is.

The law of attraction states that similar things attract to one another, that is, it will respond to our inner state and the vibrations we send into the universe.

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The law of attraction is the fundamental law of the world of thought. Every thought carries a vibrational energy and every time we think (emotion) we send out a certain kind of vibrational energy to the universe. In return, the universe will always respond to the vibrations you emit but not to your desire.

Abraham-Hicks says, the things that surround your life currently, you got them only because of your thoughts/emotions which are related. There is no magic and it is neither in relation to luck or to the environment in which you are. The stronger your emotions, the more you attract what you think of, to you.

How do you turn your pain and emotions to your advantage?

The law of attraction specifies that similar things attract to one another. If you have strong and negative emotions surrounding money,  you’re sending these vibrational energies to the universe. Guess what will come back like a boomerang?

Let’s try to illustrate the scenario:

Think about something with strong emotions (maybe unconscious) for a while (you send)… You vibrate to this level of energy according to your emotions (you send)… Then you meet circumstances that are in harmony with your thoughts and emotions (correlation)… The object of your thoughts and emotions expresses itself in physical form in a myriad of ways (attraction).


In conclusion, you’re not doing the right thing. You may say consciously that you need money, love, relationship but on the thought level (vibrational energies) you resist to them, you don’t let them come to you. Love, money, relationship want to come to you, but you resist to them.

Let me illustrate this by an image: money, love, relationship want to enter your house spontaneously and what are you doing? You barricade your windows and doors and you do not let them in.

The bottom line is really this:

Do not get frustrated by your negative emotions they are here for a reason and they are your indicators of your current mindset. If you want to raise your vibrational energy you have to identify your negative emotions and scale them. You want to raise your vibrational energy to attract what you want.

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Finally, always love what you’re doing. When you focus on your desire, enjoy and try to play with your feelings. Under no circumstances should you ever feel compelled to do what you’re doing. If you do that, you’re creating more resistance and you don’t want that.