We live in a hyperactive society and this frantic rhythm can sometimes compromise our mental balance. It is essential to know that there are simple and effective remedies that you can use, that is where mindfulness techniques comes in.

The characteristic of the mind is that it is constantly occupied by past or future situations and even invents situations that will never happen. Why? Because the mind projects itself on external objects.


According to Ramana Maharshi, the mind is only a bundle of thoughts. This means that if your mind is busy, then there are too many thoughts that go in all directions. Your thoughts are saying all kind of things, and yet you may hear none of them.  And the result is just that it makes you feel anxiety, suffering or stress as your day goes on.

Basic mindfulness techniques

The basic mindfulness exercises are not difficult and complicated. But what is difficult is to start. If you are doing mindfulness meditation for the first time you will find that you have entire conversations taking place in your mind without you even realizing it.

But to see them you have to put yourself in an observer position. That is, you must turn your mind inward.

You usually project your mind outwards, now you have to project it inward.

How do you do that?

We will focus on breathing.

At first, it takes a little effort, it’s normal.

The analogy of Ramana Maharshi is very rewarding. He says that the mind is the rider and the breath is the horse. When the breath is controlled, the horse is controlled. And at the same time, the rider is controlled.

Looking at the breath, you divert the mind from other activities to a single activity that is breath control.

And finally, by controlling your breath, you turn the mind inward.


If you practice mindfulness meditation often, you will find that you can end feelings of anxiety or worry. That is, you will be able to easily observe your feelings and emotions and find their origin.

Try this small exercise, and send a comment. I am a teacher and it is always very interesting to know the evolution and the change in others through an article.

How to practice mindfulness meditation?

There are several articles on this subject on this website. Do a little research on the site if you want to learn more.

It is not necessary to read books on the subject or do extensive research on the internet. Because at the time you want to put into practice the instructions you have read in books, you forget the basics and you become discouraged because you think it is too difficult.


Choose a quiet and comfortable place and make sure that it becomes a habit. You should practice mindfulness meditation from a seated position, instead of while lying down, because you may fall asleep.

Keep this in a corner of your mind: mindfulness meditation should not be a chore but something fun.


Focus on your breathing. Breathe through the stomach. When you inhale, feel your stomach filling up and when you exhale, feel it becoming hollow. If you lay your hand on your abdomen, you can feel your hand rise and fall when inspiration and exhalation respectively.

Close your eyes and take three to four deep breaths and then breathe normally. Pay attention to your breathing. Observe your breath for a while and then observe your thoughts. Let them come and go without paying particular attention to either one. If you feel lost, come back on your breath. That’s all.

Yes, the mindfulness techniques are actually so that simple.

There is nothing to add on you to understand who you are. This simple mindfulness exercise that consists of sitting quietly and comfortably in a peaceful place and paying attention to everything that happens in your mind is the proof that happiness is much closer to you than you think.

If you practice meditation regularly, say for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you will feel happiness that happens for no reason and it’s there in you. Your anxieties, your fears, and your stresses will fade.

This does not mean that you are not going to have problems but you will be able to approach them in a different way.

Ramana Maharshi is a great sage and his teaching is the most precious thing for mankind. He says there is no greater mystery than this – that we are the happiness we seek to gain. We think that there is something that hides happiness and therefore it must be destroyed before happiness is acquired. The time will come when you will burst out laughing your past efforts.

Thanks for reading!