The practice of mindfulness meditation is an aid to calm your mind. There are several different approaches to meditation, but the basic principles remain the same.

What is common to all these forms of meditation is that the mind attains one-pointedness. That is you’re keeping the mind focused uninterruptedly on an object for a certain period of time.

If you have the right tools and you get into the habit of calming your mind, you can live anywhere.

When you try to control the mind by regulating the breath, it becomes calm. As long as the breath is controlled, your mind will remain calm.

But when the breath is no longer regulated, the mind becomes active again and begins to wander again.

But the practice of mindfulness meditation is to observe the thoughts and the emotions without judgment.

That’s why mindfulness meditation is the right tool to calm the mind.

How to calm your mind using mindfulness meditation?

Here are prerequisites to fully accomplish a mindfulness meditation session to calm the mind.

By practicing meditation regularly you can become very active and aware. When you practice meditation your mind become calm. I wrote an article on the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

He who has never practiced meditation believes firmly that this is a task to be accomplished. He erroneously believes that meditation is not for him and that he is not ready for meditation.

We live in a world that is hyperconnected and we are constantly solicited. It is quite normal to feel anxiety, fear, and stress. And it is normal that the mind becomes agitated, scattered, unable to calm down.

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As you get older, tasks and demands multiply. Indeed with the arrival of children greatly increases your responsibilities. The mind is therefore constantly solicited by the organization and management of your daily life.

Also, if your mind is tired by the difficulty in effectively managing the daily tasks, you will be irritated or sad and stressed. The purpose of all this, there can be anger, headaches and other mental and physical manifestations.

It is, therefore, essential to have a helping hand to support you on your daily routine.

This is the reason why you must start now. Find yourself a free time during the day to practice mindfulness meditation. Find yourself a quiet and comfortable place where you can be alone, this is the easiest way to calm your mind.

1. How to begin?

If you are a beginner, the easiest way to enter the meditative state is to start listening.

Sit in a calm and comfortable place and close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you without making any judgment.

It’s true that we do not usually listen to what happens in our head without making judgments. But here, you have to stick to it.

Lack of judgment is paramount because it allows you to detach yourself from things that concern you, that is, your thoughts and your emotions.

Mindfulness meditation is to observe what is going on around your thoughts, your emotions and all the information you transmit through your senses. Do not try to follow or to stop a thought, or a particular emotion, you put all on the same level.

“Don’t try to repress your thoughts by forcing them out of your mind because that will have precisely the same effect as if you were trying to smooth rough water with a flatiron — you’re just going to disturb it all the more.”

-Alan Watts

Your job is just watching. You do not make any judgment. You do not worry if certain thoughts or emotions are good or bad. Just look.

Put on your headphones and listen to this guided meditation by Alan Watts.

The practice of mindfulness meditation is a major determinant of your state of mind.

The practice of regular mindfulness meditation is a major element not only for your mental state but also for your physical state.

And mindfulness meditation is something you can do at any time to calm your mind. What can mindfulness meditation do for you? Check here.

2. How to calm your mind anywhere anytime?

The advantage with meditation is that you can practice it anywhere when you need.

When we talk about the term meditation, we immediately have in our head the image of a yogi in an imperturbable state in the lotus position in a quiet place.

But meditation is not unknown to us. Meditation is our natural state. That’s why we can practice it anywhere and anytime.

“We must learn to find mental solitude in the midst of society; we should not give up our meditation because we are among people, but carry it on even then.

Just do not be ostentatious about it — do it secretly. Do not make an exhibition of the fact that you are meditating.”

-Ramana Maharshi

With practice, the mind develops a certain ability to enter into meditation in any situation of thoughts and emotions and the practice becomes effortless. Also, when you get into the habit of observing your thoughts and emotions, you will stop wanting to control your outside environment.

You are going to have another perception of life. You understand that your feelings (negative or positive) are just the vibration of your energy and nothing else.

When your mind is disturbed by something, you will be able to control yourself as you become the master of your mind.

3. Meditation does more than calm your mind

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are multiple not only on the mental plane but also on the physical and spiritual plane.

More and more people are talking about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. There has been a great deal of research on this subject. The internet is full of information about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. I wrote an article on this subject that you can read here.

But know that meditation is your natural state. Do not practice meditation with the intention of getting something, because you are going nowhere.

Your mind is fixed in the future while mindfulness meditation is being in the present moment.

If you want to have a tool that is available at any time to calm your mind during the turmoil, make the decision now.

By practicing observation of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment, you become an actor in your life, you simply return to your natural state.

Thanks for reading!