It is true that it is not something that we think every day but, I think that we must learn and know how to increase, focus and maximize our own personal strengths.

We unconsciously dissipate and waste our personal resources, creativity, thoughts, courage and energy which do not serve us well.  Therefore, this leaves less space and desire for creating and attracting the kind of abundance that we want in our lives. You are solely responsible for what you make of your life. Create the best life you possibly can, live one day at a time.

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It is also interesting to notice that when focusing, concentrating and maximizing our potential, we tend to use less resource.

You can then have more energy and therefore a more efficient way to devote yourself fully to your tasks that are really important to you.

Why do you want to maximize your personal strengths?

To make sure that every moment is perfect, whatever the outcome you have. Life is made up of ups and downs, you cannot do anything about it, it is the very nature of existence. But that does not mean you have to follow the move, ie, let your emotions take over.

When you learn to observe your thoughts, you open yourself to an existence other than submission and subjugation. You learn to take advantage of the bad things that happen in your life. You learn to get out the positive point when bad things happen.

When you maximize your own personal strength, you acquire a more positive attitude and you become more helpful, more courageous, and more tolerant. In a way, you communicate your strength to those with whom you come into contact.

So here are 5 ways that you can use to leverage and maximize your personal strengths.

1. Let go and move on

When you start to let go you will experience a profound change in your level of energy. You will view your world through a different perspective. To let go means to swim with the current in order to spend the least amount of energy.

When you let go you will feel as though you are going in the same direction of your feelings and your desires. You will be more peaceful, free and content.

“Nature is no spendthrift, but takes the shortest way to her ends.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is known that nature likes to take the shortest way, it’s precisely because of the spending of the least amount of energy. You can find this characteristic in chemical reactions: I am a chemistry teacher. Similarly, it takes a little amount of energy through the practice of letting go.

Letting go can be as easy as just making a decision to release of whatever you are holding onto. If you let go completely, you will also release your resistance at a very deep level. The sitting practice of Mindfulness meditation is a good point to start learning how to let go. If it is too hard try this one.

2. Reduce the time in front of every screen

Looking at a screen for long period of time is very exhausting. Watch your energy level after an extended time in front of the TV or the computer. You will notice in your body a certain level of exhaustion.

This is due to the fact of being a passive receiver of information and be exposed to the rays emitted by the screens of televisions and computers, these rays stimulate the body to a physiological level.

Sometimes stopping spending so much time in front of the screens makes us leave aside more productive activities.

I’m not saying that you have to stop completely watching a screen, but at least select the content better, for example, the fear that is generated when watching news reports affects the cell’s system of your body.

Thoughts, moods and your energy will significantly improve when you reduce the time you spend in front of the screens.

3. Learn to have faith in yourself

When you clean out an area of your life, unconsciously you are creating the space for change to occur. This process takes time and you must not get discouraged when you do not find change quickly. You must be confident and trust yourself.

When you think positively, you create around you a pattern that is going to be the engine of your success.

The law of attraction is based on the principle that by concentrating on something specific, by strongly wanting it and thinking about it regularly, you emit specific vibrations.

These vibrations will attract similar vibrations in the universe that will allow you to have what you desire. Here’s a great article which explains the functionning of the law of attraction.

4. Getting active

One of the quickest ways to maximize your personal strengths is to engage in physical activities. Try it, it’s very effective.

The sweet feeling of well-being felt at the end of a physical activity is due to the production of endorphins (dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline) in large quantities. This is a group of neurotransmitters.

Regular physical activities will allow you to strengthen your metabolism and thus keep you in top shape.

5. Create your quiet moment

Seclusion can be a moment of reflection on yourself to help you draw an accurate picture of how you are doing. It’s even desirable if you just want a single moment to clear and refresh your mind. Sometimes you have to stop doing but being, that’s our nature. We are human beings, not doings.

Meditation can be that moment of seclusion. This is a good way to get in touch with yourself. You are not just a body, find out who you are.

Great things always start small, just do only one of the above, then you will be unstoppable. Your life will undergo a profound change.

Thanks for reading!