Many people feel overwhelmed by their automatic thoughts and it is the number one source of their problems, their fears, their anxieties and their feelings of bitterness.

They let these automatic thoughts dominate their lives and decide their behavior. They imagine a dark and chaotic future and are persuaded that they do not have the power or the ability to control their mind. On the contrary, they let these thoughts and emotions shape their lives.

On the contrary, they let these thoughts and emotions shape their lives.


But it is quite possible to use these automatic thoughts to your advantage. Instead of letting you invade by these thoughts and let them take your life in charge and ruin it, you can use them to take control of your life and build a diametrically opposed existence model that rests on happiness, peace of mind and joy.

By doing this, you will discover how you can practice self-observation by learning to observe your thoughts. This will lead you to more serenity and especially to understand that you are neither your thoughts nor your emotions.

But is it really possible to control your thoughts and do not let your thoughts control?

The answer to this question is clearly yes. You can absolutely observe yourself and identify your thoughts. You are perfectly capable of taking control of your thoughts and your life.

Thinking is a natural and automatic process, no one has ever studied to learn how to think but instead, you can learn to educate your thoughts, learn to guide them in the direction you want to give your life.

Do not let your automatic thoughts ruin your life, read the rest of this article to find out how you can, with simple techniques, have access to the joy of living, peace of mind and happiness.

1. Control your thoughts and achieve peace of mind

It is very easy to perceive that thoughts and emotions cannot exist on their own. The only reason for their existence is you because you are an ideal medium.

You give them importance and power and once they have them, they seize this opportunity and take over and it becomes very difficult to get rid of them afterward.

But imagine that your medium has an extremely slippery surface for thoughts and emotions, then you can have an attitude that is commensurate with what you want to be.

You will discover that you are the main motivating factor of your life. Why? Because you are in a central position and you are mostly the creator of your world.

> You will not find happiness, peace of mind and joy unless you do this.

It is important to know how to achieve peace of mind because it is a state of harmony and happiness. It is a state where there is no insecurity, no fear, no anxiety, no distorted feeling.

To achieve peace of mind and experience happiness you have to turn your mind inward. By doing this, your thoughts are under control.

“It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

The mind is the cause of everything because you create your world from within therefore you need to know how to control your thoughts.

2. How can you control your mind?

Try to focus your attention on the movies you create in your mind. Do you see what I’m talking about? Your mind is unstable and it is always wandering. The goal here is to fix your mind on an idea.

“The mind is nothing. The mind is only a bunch of thoughts. Thoughts about the past and the future, that is all a mind is.”

– Robert Adams

Try to view your movies by positioning yourself as an observer. Do this exercise as often as you can during the day. Of course, at the beginning, it takes a little effort before the habit settles, but the importance is to start now by observing your thoughts without making any judgment.

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It should not be a constraint, you must feel comfortable and comfortable with your thoughts. To find peace, harmony, and joy, you have to prepare the ground because your greatest enemy is your mind itself and your thoughts, that’s why you must be vigilant.

By watching your mind, you will be able to know what types of thoughts and emotions you identify with.

This is an important point that you must take into consideration when doing this exercise. You will be able to visualize everything that happens around your life just by observing your thoughts.

Your mind stops to ruminate things and you are in the present moment. You are at the center of your world and you control all your mind and your emotions.

You are the master of your thoughts, so take your responsibilities and behave as such.

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It is true that sometimes we can complain about the external conditions we encounter in our daily environment, but this should not become a habit.

When you practice self-observation, you will immediately notice what is going on around your mind and the current thoughts associated with it.

And when you discover this you will be able to release quickly from this situation by regaining control of your thoughts and your mind.

Do you see what I’m talking about? Isn’t it odd that the mind is something so familiar to us and at the same time so indomitable?

3. How to pay attention to your thoughts?

Here’s a little exercise you can do right now. Look for a quiet and comfortable place and sit on a chair by keeping your spine straight, without the rigidity and stiffness, just relaxed. Your feet should be placed on the floor.

Take a deep breath through the nose by inflating your abdomen and exhale by deflating your abdomen. Repeat for another three or four times.

Then, pay attention to your body. Point your thoughts towards your toes and go all the way along your body gently up to the middle of your head.

Do not pay attention to the noise around you, they are just there and they do not disturb you.

Then, observe your thoughts, they are there for a reason but do not pay attention to them, do not judge them, they are also noise.

Do this so that your mind becomes your servant that you can control as you want and be happy.

Thanks for reading!