There is a famous Chinese proverb that says ‘if you are patient for a moment when you feel angry, you will escape many days of sorrow’. How to calm yourself down when angry?

When you are angry, you will be tempted to say and do things that are going to hurt you and the other person.

That is why you are advised to wait a few seconds before you open your mouth and say something that you will regret.

Is it really possible to calm yourself down when you’re angry?

Anger is a strong emotion and if you don’t control it, it can affect you and the relationships that you have. There are different ways that you can use to maintain your calm when you are angry.

1. Allow yourself to feel the anger

Anger is an emotion and to conquer it you must acknowledge that you are feeling it. It will be easy for you to overcome it when you admit to yourself that you have anger.

When you have this kind of feeling about something, find out why, question your anger, try to understand why this cause, in particular, makes you feel this way.

Anger is a part of your life experience and if you don’t admit that you have anger, you will never have control over it. The first step is to accept it and then find out why you hold this feeling inside you.

And if you do that regularly, you will get to know yourself better and you will be stronger and others will show you more respect because you will be calmer.

2. Take a walk

Removing yourself from the situation will help you to control the aftermath of your anger. The best way that you can do is to take a brisk walk. Take a deep breath of fresh air and you will find yourself relaxed. The breathing exercise will help release some of your tension and will make you feel relaxed.

Do not go back unless you are relaxed and can talk with the other person in a respectful and calm manner.

When you move away, that is when you change your environment from a situation of anger and stress, you will free yourself of all negative energies around you, therefore, you will regain control of yourself.

Take all the time you need to calm yourself down before talking to the other person.

3. Count

It has been said that if you are angry you should count from 1 to 10 which works at times. But, if you want to relax faster, try to count the numbers in a random manner.

You cannot be angry and still count the numbers randomly. Your brain will relax so as to make the count successfully and this will enable you to relax. The other option is for you to count from 50 to 1 backward.

4. Listen to music

This will also relax you depending on the type of music that you are listening to. Choose inspiring music that is going to calm you down.

5. Meditate

Meditation has been said to help you manage your emotions. If you feel like you are losing control, give your mind a vacation. Take some time off and meditate. This will help you to remove yourself from the situation that is making angry.

6. Monitor your warning signs

Before you get angry, you will have warning signs. If you can notice your warning signs, you will be able to control yourself before it gets to that point.

All these exercises are designed to move your attention to something else in order to dissipate the tension through your body and you can become an observer.

As an observer, you have a privileged view to be able to settle your disputes in the calm and respect for the other.

Thanks for reading!