People live life in pursuit of happiness. But, most people never seem to attain it. So, what is happiness? Happiness is a broad term and also subjective. Whatever you think is happiness to you, is not for someone else and that is why it is subjective. Happiness is not tangible and it can’t be measured by the things you have. Happiness is a matter of mindset and here is why.

1. It is subjective

As mentioned above, happiness is subjective. Whatever you consider making you happy is largely related to how you were raised, your personality, your beliefs, and values. Whatever you have experienced in life will subconsciously form your view of happiness.

2. It is how you view your circumstances

There is a very famous quote that states ‘the problem you have is not your problem, but it your attitude towards the problems that is your problem’. How you view your problems and the different circumstances that you face will affect your level of happiness.

You can’t go on with life saying that you will be happy when a situation changes. This is because when you solve one problem another one will appear and that is the cycle of life. You need to make a decision to be happy in the midst of the challenges.

3. It is being grateful for what you have

There are some people who go through life wishing that they had this or that. Yet, they forget to appreciate the things that they have. For you to achieve the state of happiness, you need to take the time to appreciate the things that you have in life. Keeping a gratitude journal will help you in achieving that.

4. It is when you stop focusing on the things that you can’t change

There are those problems that you have nothing to do with and therefore you can’t change them. Going through life wishing you could change a situation that you have nothing over is a waste of time. You need to let go of this problems and enjoy the current life that you have.

5. Happiness is about not letting people define you

Your life goals are not similar to other people and therefore only you know where you are headed. Living life trying to please everyone will rob you of your own freedom and happiness. You need to live life for yourself and not according to other people’s standards.

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