Many of us are exhausted by the pace of life of our modern society. Stress, lack of time, fatigue, fear, insecurity usurp all your thoughts and it becomes very difficult to find solutions when you feel stuck and miserable in life. And feeling stuck is the very unpleasant impression of not knowing what to do to move forward, not seeing what to change in your life, and where to act.

In fact, we know fully well that this is not the best way to live, but not knowing how to liberate ourselves to live more fully and more abundantly, we let ourselves get caught up in the feeling of impotence and permanent anxiety. This becomes psychically exhausting.

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We can also associate to this, a strong sense of guilt, a loss of self-esteem, a sense of self-denial and an inability to live in the present moment.

This can be the story of any individual. We set goals, we are always enthusiastic at the beginning of the project. At the beginning, we have good intentions but in the end, the objectives are never reached. We always postpone our lives until tomorrow by making excuses.

Even worse, very often we abandon the project halfway and then we feel pain and despair and a sense of guilt which, at the end, make us feel out of place.

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Without making a list of all the difficulties, we can admit that there is something to shake even the most hardened of us.

The first thing to do is to see if you can find the help that is available to you. If you are desperate, a professional can help you manage your worst fears and anxieties.

These are specialists, they will be able to provide you with all the additional tips and treatments on how to solve your current problems.

Concretely, what can you do when you’re feeling stuck and miserable in life?

In every situation of our lives, it is always an opportunity to learn how things work. Learning how to manage your life so that you can regain control is no exception to the rule, it is also an opportunity to see what works and what does not. Just to see what you can do to improve your life.

When you feel stuck and trapped that lead to negative emotions and that eventually produce fear or anxiety, try to see what you know about these sensations.

In fact, you want here to try to become aware of their existence.

Put yourself as an observer and follow your emotions just to see how far they bring you.

Because if you let your emotions invade you, you will find yourself trapped in a vicious spiral of negative thoughts which bring fear, anxiety or insecurity. And fear, anxiety, and insecurity bring negative thoughts. And You in it, You are lost forever. Do this exercise to learn how to follow your thoughts.

Do not be overwhelmed by managing your fears and anxieties

When it comes to managing your emotions, you should not rush and try to approach all the subjects at once. The strategy here is to take things as they come. Treat your fears or problems in a series of small steps.

By accomplishing small tasks one by one seems to be more manageable. This tends to bring more calm, serenity and confidence.

Ramana Maharshi said: “Be as You Are.” But to be as you are, you must know who you are and to know who you are, you must investigate first. This investigation will lead you to the source.

We think that we are confined in a body and in a spirit and we project our automatic thoughts to the outside. We never pay attention to the one who projects these thoughts.

You can work more on you when you are calm and serene. At first, it may seem difficult but nothing is insurmountable, especially when it comes to getting to know you better.

And to know you, you need solitude, that is, to be with yourself. You can practice mindfulness meditation to learn how to be with yourself.

But be careful, if you are very depressed, solitude is not a good solution. In this case, it is better to talk to a professional.

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Through acts of kindness, gratitude, and determination towards you, you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

When you believe in your ability to overcome bad times – you can achieve what you want. Get to know yourself better by observing your thoughts and emotions and you will begin to value yourself more.

Life is made of ups and downs, it is the very nature of things. When you feel good, you have to accept it, and when you feel bad, you have to accept it too.

Take a step back on the event that disturbs you by admitting its simple reality, it can be an injustice but it is still a fact. You may feel sad but that does not mean that life is unfair. It simply means that you did not have all the data to act.

It is only by posing as an observer that you can get to do that. It is a constant work that is done at the present moment that you must do on you.

It is also an opportunity to see your emotions and thoughts and understand what you are feeling. Your emotions are there for a reason and they give you guidance on your current mind. So enjoy it.

By observing your emotions and thoughts, you will become the actor of your life instead of being a spectator.

Thanks for reading!