Passive Income is not easy and you must not expect to earn money online overnight. You have to be patient, this is the key to building wealth via Passive Income.

At the beginning, you have to learn how to use the system, find strategies and tactics that are known and used by established businesses. Even if passive income is not easy, there are real businesses that used this kind of revenue today.

There is nothing mysterious about passive income, if you know what you are doing, you can make a lifetime revenue because you will earn money on a regular. I will explain how you can make money via passive income with YouTube, Adsense, Affiliate marketing (sell other people products), Amazon royalties, sell your own products and revshare.

If you want to build wealth via Passive Income, you need to go over a few things. One concept that you have to understand from the beginning of your project, there is NO EASY MONEY from the internet. You have to be consistent, patient because this is not a simple process, it requires a lot of work and you need to dedicate real time to your business.

If you want to do things properly, you need to gain some knowledge and experience of the world of making money online business. Read this article till the end and you will gain some ideas and tips on how to build wealth via Passive Income.

1. Affiliate Revenue

Why affiliate program works very well? For me, this is one of the best ways to build wealth via Passive Income because when a visitor clicks on the banner on your website and complete a sale, the company pays you a commission. And the best part of the whole thing, you have nothing to do, you can make money 24/7. You are selling other people products and services and you have no employees to deal with. You can sign up to as many affiliate programs as you want, the possibilities are limitless.

To get started, just buy a domain name and create a blog with WordPress and start advertising on social media. If you want more visitors you need to promote your website.

MLM Gateway offers a FREE advertising platform, they will help you to recruit people for your business. Their marketing tools are designed to help network marketers to build their business. You will meet real people who are looking for business opportunities. You will meet network marketing prospects from your country. There are possibilities to advertise to your target audience. You can advertise for free by creating campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website.

There are possibilities to advertise to your target audience. You can advertise for free by creating campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. Sign Up Here.

2. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

I posted an article about how to earn extra money online home by selling ebook on Amazon Kindle Store. A great majority of digital readers use Kindle and if you want to reach millions of readers, it’s better to publish your ebook with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It is fast, easy and your ebook can be viewed worldwide. So, if you want to make a living with this kind of revenue, you can publish as many ebooks as you want and create at the same time a solid passive income.

It is fast, easy and your ebook can be viewed worldwide. So, if you want to make a living with this kind of revenue, you can publish as many ebooks as you want and create at the same time a solid passive income.

When people buy your ebook, Amazon will take a small percentage of your revenue. There are 2 royalty options, 35%, and 70%, it depends on the sales territories. The 35% royalty option is applied in any territories and the 70% royalty option is applied in some territories.

That’s it, and Amazon calculates the fee you will receive for each sale, you do not have to do anything and you can make money online even when your are sleeping. This is an excellent and legitimate passive income that you can make.

3. Make money via YouTube

As you may know, you can create videos and post them on YouTube. You can create videos according to your niche and put them on YouTube platform to generate income. There are three ways you can earn money from your YouTube channel, through sponsor advertising, YouTube Ads, and affiliate advertising. At the same time, you can also use YouTube to drive traffic to your own website or blog by putting a link on your video descriptions.

4. Sell your videos

You can make extra money online on a daily basis by posting your videos on FutureNet. FutureNet is a unique social media platform where you can earn money through different ways including video sale.

FutureNet pays you 50% commission for every video you sell and 3% to 5% commissions on your downline referrals. With FutureNet you will generate a long-term income based on successive revenues.

Furthermore, if you are active on the FutureNet social media platform, you will gain new users for your website and you will generate more traffic which means more income opportunities. See below how it works.

If you want to start earning money online and you don’t have enough money to invest and you are not an expert in marketing, FutureNet is for you. Sign Up Here, it’s FREE.

5. Pay yourself first

What does that mean? It’s all about saving. When you receive your paycheck and before you spend your money on bills, groceries or anything else, the first thing you do is to put a small amount (start with 10%) of your money into savings. To do that, you must have self-discipline, you do it no matter what.

At the beginning, it can sound difficult because if you are in debt and you have many bills to pay, you can have some episodes of anxiety and fear but you have to stick to it, self-discipline is the key to success. As you can see, this is a way of getting rich slowly but this method is very powerful.

Robert Kiyosaki said, “Assets put money in your pocket, whether you work or not, and liabilities take money from your pocket.” In fact, you are building your assets, pay yourself first and invest your money and you will build wealth via Passive Income.

6. Blogging

Today, building a blog has become very easy and even if you know nothing about programming languages. First, find a niche or something that you love, a hobby and you want to share your passion with others. Then, you have to buy a domain name according to your niche or much better, you can get your own professional domain name for free with some companies hosting plans. With the plan, you get also, your free email address, free marketing tools etc.

If you generate enough traffic on your blog, advertisers would like to put their ads on your blog and will pay you for that.

Try Google Adsense program, it’s free. You can make money online via passive income by displaying advertisements on your blog. Why Google Adsense? Because it is a legitimate multi-billion dollar company. It’s very easy to do, just copy some codes on your website and the thing is done and even better, this is an excellent way to build wealth via Passive Income. You put some ads into your website and every time someone clicks the ads you receive money from Google. You have to be patient, as you can see this is not a get rich quick scheme.

7. Build wealth via Passive Income with RevShare

RevShare stands for revenue sharing. Today there are tons of revshare websites and you must be very careful before you invest your money. How does it work? You have to buy advertising packages (AdPacks)  and you have to see some ads everyday and the company shares its revenues among its paid members every 15 or 20 minutes. When the AdPack is fulfilled, you receive your money back plus 15 to 20%.

For example, if you buy one Adpack which cost $50, you will receive $60.

You don’t need any marketing experience to do that. This is an excellent and legitimate way to make money online via passive income. Furthermore, you are making money even when you are sleeping because every 15 to 20 minutes you earn money on your account.