The internet has gained popularity in the current times and with that the scope of earning money has also increased. Almost every next person keeps on finding for some extra income through internet. If you really want to create multiple streams of internet income, then these tips will help you.

In fact, it is a good idea to work extra in the spare time rather than wasting the time. The extra earned money can help in paying the bills. The only thing that you will need is the proper information on how you can become the person earning online.

There are times that due to lack of information, many people get trapped in scams while earning from the internet. So let us discuss on some of the best and safe ways to earn money online.

1. Blogging

The first way to create multiple streams of internet income is blogging. You can choose any of the free blogging services where you can setup your blog. A blog contains ads which can prove to become the money source for the owner.

Once you start getting 100 visitors to your blog you can start putting ads on it. A blog can be any information which you would like to share with people; it should be interesting, attractive and engaging. If you start having 1000 visitors a day then you will start earning $0.3 to $30 per day.

2. Designing themes

Another way to create multiple streams of internet income is by designing themes. Each and every blog and website requires a theme and if you have designing and creativity skills then you should invest them in creating themes.

Once a theme is ready you can sell it to the theme stores or you can also setup your own website for selling the theme. Themes for WordPress, Drupal, etc are a lucrative business at present. A good amount can be earned from designing themes. You can earn $10 to $100 by selling a theme a single time.

3. Online teaching

Becoming an online teacher is a good idea to create multiple streams of internet income. You can teach anything virtually. It depends on your skills and expertise which subject and lessons you are willing to teach. SkillsShare is the service which allows the online teachers.

You need to register to the site and then you can create courses on the subject you know. The subject can range from mathematics to cooking, languages, etc. Udemy is another popular platform where you can offer your online teaching services. You will get paid when a student takes up a course developed by you.

4. Write ebooks

If you are having a story which is interesting then you can share that in form of a book. Yes, you can show your skills by writing a book. You can become a tech savvy writer and author. Once your book is ready, you will not need a publisher.

It is easy to self-publish the book or you can also sell the e-book versions using the platforms like Amazon Kindle or you can sell on the Play store and App store of Google and Apple respectively.

You can sell the e-books and also the printed books. Lulu is the online service which allows you to order print copies of a book. Buyers can purchase the book directly from them.

5. YouTube videos

YouTube is the well-known video showing channel and it is sure that you might have watched more than one video on YouTube. It is the largest video sharing service in the world. You can create your own videos and share them to the world.

You can shoot small videos using a mobile phone or camera or you can also make a video from pictures on your computer.

Once you are ready with the video you need to upload it on YouTube. YouTube shows Ads with videos and shares the revenue with you. You just need to have knowledge of video camera and editing tool.

There are people who are earning $100000 to $300000 per month from YouTube videos.

6. Internet-based jobs

You can find internet based jobs from well-known sites like Upwork and Freelancer. There are a number of job vacancies available on these sites. It depends on your capability how much you can earn from the internet based jobs.

Affiliate marketing is also a good option through which you can earn money online. If you have a successful blog and website then you can affiliate with vendors.

There are a number of options to earn money online. Get open to the world of internet, understand your skills and talents and start earning online.

7. Online captcha typing jobs

Captcha typing jobs are also a good option through which you can create multiple streams of internet income.

How does captcha typing program work?

Anyone who uses the internet nowadays knows what captcha is because we subscribe to all kind of websites and sometimes they ask you to type some letters or numbers to verify if you are a human and not a robot. This is to prevent spammers or robots from automatic sign up.

The company will give you full support and guidance. Everything is free, if a company ask you for money, you can be sure it’s a scam. You do not need any experience and with this little task, you can really create multiple streams of internet income.

I wish you great success in your future endeavors!

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