The holiday season is a special time of the year and Christmas, a great moment of joy and happiness that we share with our families and friends. The sharing of moments of warm exchanges.

Advent calendars that are slowly starting to open, Christmas carols on the radio, streets lighted with festive decorations, Christmas trees making their way into the heart of the houses …

No doubt: the magic of Christmas is at work, acting on kids as well as the adult. It must be said that many wait impatiently for this moment when the word “tradition” takes its dimension in a quasi-magical ballet.

The fireplace is lit and the Christmas tree is garlanded. At his feet, Santa has deposited in the night packages of gifts for the whole family.

The children’s eyes are illuminated with happiness.

These are small moments of happiness like that, that counts a lot in a child’s life. The children’s mind is like a sponge. These are memories that they will keep throughout their life.

It is also a moment of sharing. We share gifts of course but also joy. How good it is to be together. That is also how we teach our children to turn to each other regardless of the situation, whether it is giving or receiving.

And what do you think of these festive moments in our present society?

What inspires you around Christmas and the holiday season?

Even if it is a moment of sharing for some, it can also be periods of frustration for others. The holiday season is not lived in the same way by all. Is the spirit of Christmas necessarily synonymous with happiness?

But we must accept to be carried by this whirlwind with enthusiasm. For some, on the contrary, the holiday season represents a real source of anxiety.

From the preparation of the meal to the choice of gifts, the fear that reality does not stick to this fantasized Christmas vision can, indeed, put pressure.

Still more, for those who go through a painful past (depression, unemployment, illness), for whom it is all the more complicated to play the game.

A moment of conviviality with family

The holiday season is an opportunity for many to find all their loved ones for a day like no other.

To gather around a large table, enjoy a delicious meal with many, remember memories and create new ones, all on the occasion of a moment of sharing the most singular.

An ideal perspective to reinforce the ties, which is enough to delight the closest families.

But for solitary souls, the mere thought of being around the family table can trigger cold sweats.

Christmas meals, in fact, often give rise to debates, and sometimes even disputes, where each one settles his accounts bluntly.

And, conversely, others for whom solitude is a weight, afraid to be alone on Christmas Eve with his meal in front of the TV.

A moment of singular sharing

Christmas presents an idyllic moment of shared happiness, gifts that we like to offer to the memories of childhood that we rejoice to relive, through the lively discussions, sometimes even inflamed with your entourage. According to researchers, the pleasure of offering is indeed much better than receiving.

Christmas is, therefore, the right time to fill up with joy and to boost that of others.

However, the holiday season is not always tinged with joy. It is also the time to remember those who have left us and finally to realize that, after a certain age, the magic Christmas does not do much the same effect.

Besides, offering or receiving gifts is not always a fun time. Between misses and stinginess, no one is sure to find the right match for their needs.

A tip: let yourself go to regain the joy and carelessness of your childhood.

By being well surrounded, it is a sure bet that the spirit of Christmas ends up making its small effect!

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