By following Roger Federer during the present fortnight in Melbourne, Australia, I feel led to write this article on this great tennis player, not because he is a legend but in relation to his mindset.

What an exceptional character! No one would have criticized him if he had told the world that he was going to retire six months ago.

He took a lengthy break to take care of himself, his family and work his game and especially his mind. Nobody knows the hard times and the hours spent to fine-tune different parts of his game. What others see is only the success or the defeat.


He said himself, he was not sure that the result would be as grandiose but his goal was to come back and play one or two matches to see. As a result, he removed any media pressure around him and himself unwittingly, he let go of any pressure.

Theoretically, maybe he doesn’t know the great principles of life but he applies them as a master.

Undoubtedly, most of us know the great principles of life to live successfully and better but very few people really apply them or know how to apply them. We live a life by default.

Abraham-Hicks explains that our negative emotions are not bad. We have to realize and understand that this is a sign that our current thoughts are creating a reality we don’t want. We are creating by default.

So this should encourage us to find ways to build our lives but not to suffer.

This should encourage us to have goals, to make plans and above all to put them into action to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

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It is also true, sometimes, even with the best plans of the world, it happens that we fail.

We are then obliged to accept what life reserves for us. We are forced to take what life has put in front of us. We feel a sense of acceptance, not of defeat.

But it does not matter, we learn with our mistakes to better bounce next time.

Acceptance is essential regardless of the results obtained because we give thanks for what we have accomplished and we take full responsibility for our failures and our success.

This is an important step to help us move forward, otherwise, we keep negative resentment and it is not good if we want to free our mind.

Uncertainty is a characteristic of life and we have to go forward with it. We must appreciate each moment because we do not know what will happen the next one.

Roger Federer, by coming to Melbourne this year, did not say, I will beat everyone and I will win the tournament hands down.

On the other hand, he took pleasure in playing each point. He was happy to be there in his environment.

He has applied exactly the principle of uncertainty, he plays every point and appreciates every move. He is completely in the present moment. By doing this, he is one step ahead of others.

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Perhaps, without knowing it consciously, he has put into practice the four basic manifestation laws of the universe, which are, the law of attraction, the law of intention, the law of allowance and the law of balance.

A champion understands very well that he must not cut any corners. Each moment is a new possibility and so he must move on without worrying about what happened before.

The champion keeps his mind sharp and focused. He constantly brings his mind back to the present moment. This is where all his strength and determination lies.

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We are also able to have a champion’s mind but we must believe in us and take action.

Thanks for reading!