Life can be sometimes difficult and full of worries, and when you’re not taking care of your state of mind, your thoughts, things can become quite complicated and demanding. This is why it is very important to have a good self-esteem that allows you to acquire the right tools to cope with the difficulties of existence.

Without a proper educational framework and an appropriate environment, with appropriate rules and discipline, you could find yourself run down extremely fast.

This can cause unwanted stresses, anxieties, and fears in your daily life. An important part of improving your self-esteem revolves around elements that may prevent you from going further.

Is it possible to improve self-esteem at any age?

The answer is clearly yes because the mind is always inclined to learning at all times and in all situations. Self-esteem is a state of mind, it is the images (negative or positive) of yourself that you send into your environment. And you receive in return these same images of you.

In fact, it is your thoughts (your thoughts and those of others) that you have stored since childhood. This is why it is possible to work on your self-esteem and strengthen it.

Why do you want to improve your self-esteem?

How can you stop sending these negative images in your daily environment? Well, it requires courage, determination, and patience. You must have a good knowledge of you and you must know yourself better, and you must always be inclined to relearn yourself.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

-Steve Jobs

We are human beings and we naturally all tend to pay more attention to what goes wrong than to what goes well. This tendency leads us to ruminate negative thoughts in our head and to utter exasperated and stringent words. After that, it’s obvious that our self-esteem takes a hit.

When you project negative images of yourself, you are attracting negative things in life and that’s how you find yourself trapped in a vicious spiral in which negative feelings and emotions and negative thought vibrations reinforce each other.

Here are 5 ways you can use right now as a start-up guide for improving your self-esteem.

1. Know thyself

First of all, it is important to know who you are. What names can you use to describe yourself (woman, men, mother, father, friend, teacher, etc.)?
No, it’s not who you are, it’s the roles you play in society. To study oneself is a way of returning to the source. Identify what is unique and special in you.

Make sure you give yourself the means and time to explore this area which is the mind and the thoughts and experiment as much as possible.

Here is an exercise that you can start right now; mindfulness meditation. This will enable you to quickly find at least one area of your life that is a source of pride and joy.

Self-esteem problems are found in your negative perceptions of yourself. It’s often related to your childhood, your education, your work, your physical appearance, and so on. This is why it is very important to start by relearning to know yourself.

To know that you have built walls to protect you but at the same time, you have moved away from your joyful and creative nature. The walls of your thoughts are there and you are completely surrounded.

Here is another exercise that you can do to observe your thoughts.

2. Learn to lay down your burdens

Life is made up of ups and downs, too often we let our weaknesses and anxieties overwhelm us until we are dominated by our thoughts and emotions. The result of all this; we retreat into ourselves and this is where the lack of self-esteem arises.

You must learn to lay down your burdens. Isolate yourself a few minutes every day while practicing mindfulness meditation. Do not be afraid, watch your thoughts and feelings (negative or positive) to see what they represent for you. Through observation, you will find that your thoughts and emotions are not real, they are mere illusion and nothing else.

Negative Thoughts and emotions that are so similar in your imagination lose their power when you observe them. Surprisingly, when you get into the habit of observing them, anxieties begin to fade away.

If your mind wanders during the practice of mindfulness meditation, try this exercise.

3. Take small, smart steps toward your goals

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

By building small success, this can bring a great sense of satisfaction and skill. Small daily steps lead to further steps. People who give up very quickly are just the ones who do several things at the same time and are quickly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks.

In addition, enjoy yourself every time you have achieved a small success. Each step is important in itself because it is the one that allows you to move forward.

Today, take a step in a positive direction is the practice of improving self-esteem.

4. Self-esteem means fulfillment

You cannot improve your self-esteem if you practice self-denigration. The key to gaining self-esteem is to truly love and believe in you in an unconditional manner. This is the only way you have to be able to flourish in a healthy environment. For if you cannot love yourself with unconditional love, you cannot love others.

This has nothing to do with narcissism or selfishness but is related to point 1 (know thyself) of this article.

For some people, this is very difficult to conceive because the environment in which they grew up did not allow them this unconditional love. You cannot give what you do not have.

5. A life worth living

Instead of focusing on your problems, feed your mind with thoughts you want, in the areas in which you are skilled.

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”

-Wayne Dyer

Focus and develop areas in which you have skills. The goal here is to bring your attention to an aspect of your life in which you are good at where you can finally feel appreciate and proud.

When you improve your self-esteem, this will necessarily lead to an improvement in your personal development. You will feel more responsible to yourself and to others.

In conclusion

When you build your self-esteem, you take control of your life, your environment and you acquire more discipline, you are determined to move forward, no matter what.

You know what you want in life and you get it and you are respectful of others because you are willing to help others in need. You are grateful for what you have and you prefer a positive lifestyle, which will help you to improve your self-esteem, your guide to personal improvement.

Thanks for reading!